Downtown Findlay

Revitalizing our Downtown - One Building at a Time!
For many years, Downtown Findlay has been the envy of central business districts everywhere. Using the tenants of the Emerging Main Street Program, Downtown Findlay continues to be a model for other communities who are looking to revitalize their urban cores.  Like many other communities, our Downtown faces competition from a growing retail segment from both the east side and the west side of town.  So, there is a need to continually focus our energies in order to create and sustain a vibrant and active Downtown core. Our Downtown is the "heart" of our fine city and county, and, as such, our Downtown creates the first impression to the many visitors who visit our City and County each year. 

Our goal is simple: Create a welcoming Downtown environment that increases traffic to Downtown Findlay, increases property values, and increases the standard of living for our community. We will be one voice for our District, our Downtown, our City and our County.
So, stay tuned!  Downtown Findlay has so much to offer in the way of activities for people of all ages - fine dining, shopping, playing, and events.  In addition, it was recently voted 6th micropolitan community in the United States, a big accomplishment for our town.  Through the continued efforts of our our DFID Board and other appointed boards. along with the Hancock Regional Planning Commission, we are actively studying and surveying our Downtown and local citizens with the goal of developing a complete revitalization plan.  Every aspect will be reviewed including infrastructure, design, public amenities, and promotions.  Supporting continuing growth and development remains a key priority. Stay tuned.  Exciting times are now occurring and many more will be forthcoming.